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Tips to sell more ads on your blog using OIOpublisher

Written by OPC Admin on August 15th, 2009

As I mentioned in the OIO Publisher Review, you cannot find a better software than this one to manage the lifecycle (design ad slots, sales, approval, payments, reports, feedback…) of your blog. However, a lot of bloggers say that they find it difficult to sell private ads on their site. The following are some tips for you to be more effective with your private ad sales.

Tips to sell more ad slots

  • Get your pricing right: In many cases, bloggers have bigger expectations from their ad sales and hence might price the slots high. You need to check out the pricing strategy of blogs of your niche and traffic. It may not be a bad idea to price a dash lower than theirs, to begin with
  • Contact advertisers that your competitor blogs are working with. This tip works really well because many advertisers do not have time to dig out gems among blogs
  • Use forums and their relevant threads to alert people about your open slots. The Digital Point forums thread on advertising has worked very well for me many times
  • Add an ‘Advertise page‘ on your blog and clearly mention why your blog is the right place for advertisers. Mention your traffic statistics, advertisement options, rates (and if available testimonials) etc there
  • Add a ‘Advertise here’ link right below the OIO Publisher Ad zone as well as in you blog’s RSS footer!
  • Use social networks and twitter to announce your ad options and open slots
  • Exchange ads with blogs of similar niche when you have a dull period. This will fetch more traffic to your blog and more potential long term advertisers
  • Do not keep more than one ‘Advertise here’ banner even when you have more slots open. This will give a wrong indication to the advertisers. You might want to fill open slots with your referral product banners instead

I hope the above tips work wonders for you just like the way it did for my other blogs.

Good luck!


3 Responses to “Tips to sell more ads on your blog using OIOpublisher”

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    […] Also, check out the post on OIO Publisher Coupon blog for tips to sell private ads on your blog using OIO Publisher. […]

  2. Vijay Says:

    Nice tips man. After revamping my retail portal, I plan to introduce some ad slots and I am convinced that OIO is the right script for me. I heard that it can work on any platform/technology.

    Will wait 4 your September coupon code 🙂

  3. Khris Says:

    Thank you so much for the OIO Publisher Coupon! I was so pleased – and utterly surprised – to receive the rebate in a matter of hours. I appreciate it so much and thank you again!

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