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OIOPublisher Coupon for February 2010 – Get OIO Publisher for 50% Now!

Written by OPC Admin on February 1st, 2010

The OIOPublisher coupon code for February 2010 is available now. You can now use ‘SAXON-FIFTY‘ (without quotes) to buy your favorite OIO Plugin for just $23.50! The following are the details of this offer! Get $10 off on purchase plus an additional $13.50 Email-in-rebate on the original price of $47 per OIO publisher license. Please read on to claim this rebate…

How to claim additional $13.50?

When you buy your OIO Publisher copy through our coupon we will give you an additional email-in-rebate of $13.50 via PayPal on top of the $10 direct discount provided by the OIO house. To get your discount, please contact us with your OIO publisher user ID and your PayPal email address. You will get the rebate on the same business day if you used our referral link to purchase!

This strong>OIOPublisher offer is legitimate and unmatched (read the testimonials)! And if you can find anybody who can better this offer, we will further better that by a Dollar! Please note that the rebate is an offer from us and OIO Publisher house doesn’t have anything to do with the same. We provide the $47 software for just $23.50 (or 50% off) during this new year by passing most part of our referral commission to you.

Purchase your OIO Plugin via OIOPublisher Coupon blog and enjoy!

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2 Responses to “OIOPublisher Coupon for February 2010 – Get OIO Publisher for 50% Now!”

  1. Darek Says:

    50% discount:

    Hi, I’ve purchased OIO Plugin through your affiliate link,
    user ID (name)# rudypies
    paypal email

    Thank you,

  2. OPC Admin Says:

    Thanks.. sent you the rebate already.

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