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OIOPublisher Coupon Discount for August 2010 – Get 50% rebate

Written by OPC Admin on August 1st, 2010

On popular demand, the 50% OFF offer on the OIOPublisher plugin is still on at this Coupon blog. We have preserved the same OIOPublisher coupon code ‘SOLAR-FIFTY‘ (without quotes) for the month of August 2010 as well using which you can buy your favorite OIO Plugin for just $23.50! The following are the details of this offer! You can get $10 off on purchase itself using the coupon and an additional $13.50 Email-in-rebate on the original price of $47 per OIO publisher license. Read on…

Claim your $13.50 instant rebate?

For the OIOPublisher WordPress plugin purchased via our coupon we will send you an additional email-in-rebate of $13.50 on top of the $10 coupon discount provided by the OIO house. To claim your instant rebate, contact us with your OIO publisher User Name and your PayPal email address. You will be receiving the rebate on the same business day. Kindly note that our refunds are via PayPal only!

You may go through the testimonials and comments on this blog to learn about the happy experiences of our esteemed customers! And if you find anybody who can better this offer, we will further better that by a Dollar because we give away all our referral income as rebates and donations. Also note this offer has nothing to do with the OIO Publisher plugin author/house. We provide the $47 software for just $23.50 (or 50% off) during this month via passing our referral commission to you.

Buy your OIO Plugin via OIOPublisher Coupon blog today and enjoy!

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3 Responses to “OIOPublisher Coupon Discount for August 2010 – Get 50% rebate”

  1. Paul Martin Says:

    Exactly as advertised. Got the money back via PayPal in just a couple of hours on a Sunday!

  2. Leo Ghost Says:

    I’d like to say a major thanks for this offer. A friend of mine has used the OIO script for awhile, but I just wasn’t sure (since I run a lot of sites). I decided it would be worth it if I grab it at the right price for me, and after a bit of searching on Google, I found this place. Offer sounded too good to be true, but I figured I’d get at very least $10 off with the coupon. Ran through my order after business hours, so I figured I would get my rebate the next morning. Was doing a finial check of my email before heading off to bed (around 11PM) and the rebate was in my PayPal account.

    The one warning note I have for future buyers is that PayPal will, as always, take a small fee off the top of the rebate. For me, they took $0.83. Since I do a lot of business online, I even expected it really. For those of you who crunch numbers exactly though, don’t forget about that PayPal fee.

    Overall, same day rebate and I would do it several more times. Thanks again guys.

  3. Josh Says:

    Awesome. Ordered OIO late on a Friday night, and the rebate was in my Paypal by the time I got up Saturday. Thanks.

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