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OIOPublisher Coupon Code for AUGUST 2014 – 50% Discount on OIO Publisher

Written by OPC Admin on August 1st, 2014

Our Genuine 50% Discount DEAL for OIOPublisher WordPress plugin is continuing on this OIO Coupon blog for the month of August 2014 as well! The OIO Publisher Coupon Code for August 2014 is ‘HOT14-FIFTY‘ (kept same as last month’s for your convenience). Using this coupon you can now buy your favorite OIOPublisher WordPress ad management plugin for just $23.50! Read details of this legitimate offer below! You can now get $10 off during purchase and an additional $13.50 PayPal rebate on the original price of $47 per OIO publisher license. Read on…

How to Claim your $13.50 PayPal rebate?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 and instant! For all purchases of the OIOPublisher plugin made via our coupon, we will be sending you an additional Email-in-Rebate of $13.50. This exclusive OIOPublisher cash back offer is on top of the $10 coupon discount provided by the OIO software development house. To claim your PayPal rebate – after your purchase via our link & coupon – all that you have to do is to just contact us providing your OIO publisher User Name and your PayPal email address. You will be receiving your rebate on the same business day. Please note that our refunds are only via PayPal!

You may read the Testimonials and Comments from our happy customers on the sidebar and comments section before availing this offer. No need to worry, this one is exclusive and very genuine – and you won’t find any better deal anywhere on the web! Anything that you see as 60% or 70% Offer elsewhere are all false claims! Please note that the OIO Publisher author doesn’t have anything to do with this offer. We are just giving you the $47 software for just $23.50 (or 50% off) this month (like we did for years on this blog) by passing all our referral commission to you and no favours whatsoever is expected out of you! This is done as part of our site and business promotional activities. And no email lists, no signups, no misuse or spam here!

So what are you waiting for? Buy your OIO Ad management plugin for WordPress (and other PHP based sites) via this OIOPublisher Coupon blog now and drive your private ad sales more effectively!

50% Deal and How?


Step 2: CLAIM $13.50 REBATE by providing your details

Step 3: Check your PayPal account for the cashback credited on the same business day…



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3 Responses to “OIOPublisher Coupon Code for AUGUST 2014 – 50% Discount on OIO Publisher”

  1. ronny Says:

    I spend about 3 hours searching and comparing plugins and oio had the best reviews but it was too expensive and wanted to try another cheaper or even free plugin until I searched for coupons and found this awesome 50% off deal.

    In short terms ‘you rock!’


  2. Skye Bajoul Says:

    This sounded too good to be true but I’m really happy I went for it. The coupon worked and the refund was within 30 minutes after I contacted them. I highly recommend this site. Thanks!

  3. Real Finance Tips Says:

    This is a really powerful plugin and It is amazing for how little money it can be purchased!
    Thanks guys for the huge discount!

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