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OIO Publisher Coupon Code for November 2009 – $23.50 OFF (i.e. Flat 50%)

Written by OPC Admin on November 1st, 2009

We are extending the 50% OFFER on OIOPublisher through the month of November 2009 as well. The OIO Publsher coupon code for November 2009 is updated and now you can now Get $23.50 OFF (50%) while using our coupon code ‘FAWKES-FIFTY‘ (without quotes) to get a discount of $10 on purchase plus an additional $13.50 Email-in-rebate on the original price of $47 per OIO publisher license. This oio coupon offer is valid through the month of November 2009. Please find the rebate details below…

How to claim additional $13.50 ?

When you purchase your OIO Publisher copy this month via our coupon we will be giving an additional email-in-rebate of $13.50 via PayPal on top of the $10 direct coupon discount. In order to claim your rebate, please contact us with your OIO publisher user ID and your PayPal email address. You will get your rebate on the same day (and sometimes even in less than two hours) if you used our referral link to purchase!

The offer that we provide via OIOPublisher Coupon blog is unmatched and legitimate (read the testimonials). And if you can find anybody who can match this offer, we will better that by a Dollar! Please note that the rebate is an exclusive offer from us and OIO Publisher house doesn’t have anything to do with the same. We provide the $47 software for just $23.50 (or 50% off) for you at the expense of our commission.

Purchase your OIO Plugin via OIO Publisher Coupon blog and enjoy!

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2 Responses to “OIO Publisher Coupon Code for November 2009 – $23.50 OFF (i.e. Flat 50%)”

  1. Says:

    Thanks a lot for the coupon code and rebate! It’s really great software.

  2. Andreas Says:

    I just ordered OIOPublisher using the November coupon code. Everything worked great and I got the additional email-in-rebate about an hour after I sent the mail. Highly recommended!


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