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OIOPublisher Coupon Code for June 2013 – 50% Discount on OIO Publisher

Written by OPC Admin on June 1st, 2013

Our Genuine 50% rebate offer on the OIOPublisher WordPress plugin is still continuing through the month of June 2013 on this OIO coupon site! The OIO Publisher Coupon Code for June 2013 is ‘RAINBOW-FIFTY‘ (without quotes) using which you can now purchase your favorite OIO ad management WordPress plugin for just $23.50! Read the following details about this legitimate offer! You can now get $10 off during purchase itself and an additional $13.50 PayPal rebate on the actual price of $47 per OIO publisher license. Read on…

How to Claim your $13.50 PayPal rebate?

It’s super easy and instant! For every purchase of your OIOPublisher WordPress plugin license via our coupon, we will be sending you an additional Email-in-Rebate of $13.50. This exclusive offer is on top of the $10 coupon discount provided by the OIO software house – making it a 50% offer ($10 + $13.50 = $23.50). In order to claim your PayPal rebate – after your purchase – just contact us providing your OIO publisher User Name and your PayPal email address. We need this minimum information to process your rebate and you will be getting the rebate on the same business day. Please note that refunds are via PayPal only! And rebate is sent to all referrals from our site.

Please check out the testimonials from our awesome customers, if you still doubt. Don’t worry, this one is exclusive and genuine – and you won’t find any better deal anywhere on the web! Please note that the OIO Publisher author doesn’t have anything to do with this offer. We just provide the $47 software for just $23.50 (or 50% off) during this month by passing all our referral commission to you and no favours whatsoever is expected out of you! This is done as part of our website promotional activities and you can trust us on that.

Buy your OIO Ad management plugin for WordPress (and other PHP based sites) via this OIOPublisher Coupon blog now and drive your private ad sales effectively!

50% Deal Steps

Step 1: CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE WITH $10 COUPON. Do not forget to apply the coupon on checkout!

Step 2: CLAIM $13.50 REBATE

Step 3: Check your PayPal account for the instant rebate credited on the same day (within 12 hours based on the timezone)



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3 Responses to “OIOPublisher Coupon Code for June 2013 – 50% Discount on OIO Publisher”

  1. J Ellis Says:

    I was pleasantly surprised that this actually panned out. I received a rebate in the middle of the night in less than 2 hours after purchasing.

  2. David Wilks Says:

    I really didn’t expect this to eventuate so I was both surprised and pleased when I was contacted firstly, because I had not supplied my user name (preventing processing) and then hours later with a PayPal notification of the rebate deposit. It’s the real deal but FAR more importantly, the product does exactly what it claims to… manages your advertising! With more than 700 pages and 400 image galleries, static ads were becoming a nightmare to manage. Thanks OIO.

  3. PieR Says:

    I’m really happy with this rebate. I received it like in 30 minutes after my OIO publisher payment. :P. THANKS!

    Pagamento in pochi minuti dopo la mail di richiesta email-rebate. Fidatevi del titolare di questo sito e del migliore plugin per la gestione della pubblicità su WordPress!

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